Customer Testimonials


Pratt & Whitney

Recently, we became acquainted with the work of performed by Simulent, a Canadian company located in Toronto, in the field of free surface flow and liquid spray droplet analysis. Although their original work dealt with metal spray phenomena, the work was so impressive that we commissioned Simulent to augment our combustion design code with a special model simulating the development of liquid fuel sprays. This work required that they become familiar with the details of fuel nozzle design and modify the relevant physics used in their codes to those
required by us. The result is a new engineering design tool that is extremely valuable to advance nozzle and combustor design.
I found Simulent personnel to be very professional in performing the commissioned work. They worked quickly, met schedule and budget requirements and kept us informed as to the status of the work. They were able to accommodate all requests made by us, contributed several novel ideas and ensured that the resulting work was to our satisfaction.
I feel this group possesses many novel and unique capabilities and are an asset to the engineering community of Ontario.

Alex Prociw, P.Eng, Combustion Department, Pratt & Whitney

General Electric Company

The technical support provided by Simulent is amazing. Simulent helped us to solve a challenging thermal spray problem. It is very
difficult in our industry to conduct experiments at the droplet level under such a high temperature and high speed environment. Simulent’s
software helped us develop a better understanding of the complicated interactions between processing conditions and the final coating quality.

Dr. Hin-Pang Wang, P.E. (ASME fellow), Six Sigma Quality MBB, Manufacturing and Business Process Laboratory, General Electric Company


We have been actively engaged in research projects that have expanded the boundaries of the die-casting process.Without the knowledge and
dedication of Simulent Inc. over the last five years, we would not have achieved the results that we have. Simulent’s knowledge and insight 
about liquid atomization, thermal energy and materials analysis have improved our processes. We plan to continue the relationship with Simulent.

Ronald Forrester, Manager of Research and Development, Fishertech, A Division of Fisher Gauge Limited


ALSTOM Canada Inc.’s equipment for the pulp and paper industry combusts the byproduct ( blackliquor ) of the pulping process, and also recovers pulping chemicals and produces steam. Simulent helped us to improve our understanding of the combustion process by producing a modeling tool to simulate the spray characteristics of black liquor in-situ. We already see benefits with the current capabilities of the modeling tool. Simulent’s expertise and work ethic has made working with them a positive experience.

Stuart Morrison P.Eng.,Principal Consultant. ALSTOM Canada Inc.

ALSTOM Canada Inc, Power Thermal Services has worked with Simulent in black liquor spray development simulation research for the past several years. The work that Simulent has done to support ALSTOM has been very beneficial in the understanding and development of
black liquor spray characteristics. This work has resulted in improved methods of firing black liquor in recovery boiler combustion technology.

Dave Burton, Product Manager, Industrial Boilers, Alstom Canada Inc.