Simulent Consulting Inc.


Simulent Consulting Inc. is a leading Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software development and engineering consulting company delivering the most advanced solutions in the market place for the design and testing of fluid and thermal systems.

Simulent’s CFD products are capable of simulating three dimensional free surface flows with large surface deformation, surface merging and surface breaking, with applications in various multiphase flow and spray systems.

Simulent Inc. is affiliated with the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT) at the University of Toronto. This relationship allows Simulent access to some of the greatest minds in CFD and coating technologies. Simulent Inc. is also a member of Consulting Engineers of Ontario and a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario.

Incorporated in 1993 Simulent Inc is a spin-off from the University of Toronto with head office located in Toronto, Canada.

Our Services


Simulent Consulting Inc.offers resources, expertise and technical support for a broad range of engineering applications. through different services:

  1. Consulting Services.
    Our senior-level CFD specialists are leading software developers and experts in free-surface flows, sprays and atomization, thermal plasma, heat and mass transfer and phase change simulations and analysis. For more than 15 years, our team of specialists was able to provide consulting services to many companies and institutions in Canada, US, Europe and Asia.
  2. Software Solutions: Our innovative and flexible software modules allow for simulation of a wide variety of fluid flows, heat transfer and phase changes and analysis of fluid flow problems. Simulent software products, such as SimDrop, SimCoat, SimSlosh, and SimSpray are user-friendly and are customized for specific design optimization, and are capable to work with a variety of pre- and post-processors.
  3. Hardware products: Simulent Inc. has the license for distributing two products:
  • HVOF-Gun Attachment used in high efficiency thermal spray coating processes.
  • Pneumatic Droplet Generator,to produce on-demand liquid/molten metal droplets with various sizes and frequencies.

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Simulent Consulting Inc. founders and senior management are a mix of academic and industry practitioners with more than 100 years of collective senior experience. Team members have strong capabilities in strategic planning, marketing and operational execution and have continuously contributed in the field of thermal-fluid, Computational fluid Dynamics, thermal spray coating, Plasma, spraying systems, and gasification technologies.

Dr. Hamideh Parizi

Vice President

Jimmy Scott

Vice President Business Development

Dr. Farhad Farhadi

Chief Technology Officer


Our Mission


“The mission of Simulent Consulting Inc. is to be fully dedicated to satisfying our customers needs in an economical and timely manner, to work diligently to continuously provide high quality CFD and thermal coating solutions.”

A company’s success is driven by the quality products they deliver and to the standards of customer service they set. Focusing on quality makes Simulent Inc. a better equipped partner to win new opportunities in the global marketplace. Simulent Inc is proud of our quality of service and we feel it helps to measure our progress towards continual improvement of business performance.


Why Choose Us


Advance Product Quality Planning

Simulent Consulting Inc. makes it a priority to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs and to create solutions to meet those needs. We believe that total customer involvement is essential to product design and delivery. Attention to detail is paramount to us and one reason why leading OEMs in a wide variety of industries seek our expertise.

Simulent Consulting Inc. is committed to developing strong suppliers who share our high standards of quality in the products and services they deliver. By partnering with our Suppliers, we are able to provide value-added complete products to our customers.

Continual Improvement

Simulent Consulting Inc. focuses on continually improving our people, procedures and technologies to enabling us to offers unparalleled resources, expertise and technical support for a broad range of engineering applications. Our staff include senior-level CFD specialists, leading software developers and experts in free-surface flows, sprays and atomization, thermal plasma, heat and mass transfer, phase change simulations and analysis.